Rosa Ulpiano


Rosa Ulpiano is a freelance Journalist, Art critic, independent curator & cultural communicator. Her work has appeared prints and digital media, and she is an ongoing correspondent cultural for different Magazines and newspapers, such as: Diario de Mallorca, Lápiz. International Magazine of Contemporary Art, Flash Art International, El Planeta, Makma, o Revista Cerámica. She publish a weekly page in the Posdata (Levante- EMV newspaper).


She counts 30 books on the shelf that she has written, edited, contributed and/or published. Studied History of Art in the University of Valencia and worked as an assistant manager in Charpa Gallery, coordinating exhibitions of Aurelie Nemours, Jordi Teixidor, André Derain, Robert Longo, Ray Smith, among others. Directed the Argenta Gallery, founded and directed Walden Contemporary Gallery, space specialised in contemporary artist working with paper and has been worked as a Communication Manager in the SALA PARPALLO - Valencia Provincial Council, Spain.


Has taken part in many specialist conferences, workshops and seminars in Valencia University: she has directed different conferences, especially on Urban Art among which: "De los nuevos medios al graffiti digital”  l”  l”  l”  with the participattion of Joan Fontcuberta, Más Peinado, José Antonio Ors, Escif, Suso 33 (...) or Public Art like "Art Dating".


From 2015 until 2018 has lived in Glasgow (Scotland), and has worked as a Sala coordinator and Gallery Assistant in Wasps Artist Studios collaborating inin different projects, such as:  “The last bound” by Anna FC Smith; Poundshop  by George Wu and Sara Melin (Founded in April 2010 together with Sarah Gottlieb), or “Unit Sixty”, design workshop. As well as having worked on Glasgow International 2016, Including 'Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape' by Andy Holden's Jock Mooney' o  Materialia“ by Heather Lander & Simon Harlow


Has curated around 20 exhibitions, Including exhibitions at the EACC (Castellón) "La mirada reflexiva" with contemporary works of Robert Longo, Helen Sear & Perejaume, the Great Masters of painter: Recco, Zurbarán,  ,  ,  ,  Juan de Juanes and Ribera; “Myriam Jiménez Huertas Jardins miniatures” in the Musée du Prieuré, Charolles. France or the last exhibition at the Atarazanas -Valencia Provincial Council- "Dueñas del ArteACOPAH (Association for the conservation of the historic heritage) in the University of Valencia; has published different articles, and lectures around the heritage. She is member of the AVCA (Valencia Association of art critics), she was member of the Board of Manager since 2009 until 2010.


In 2015, Rosa was cited by Spanish newspaper El LEVANTE as one of the best art critics and journalist in Valencia.






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